About Nataleé

A little more about me...

I had a complete thyroidectomy in 2008, hence without medication, I am hypothyroid. I know the struggles you may face if you had yours removed too.


I worked in a corporate setting for over 20 years. I know how stressful it can be and how it can contribute to a sedentary lifestyle.


I was overweight most of my life, and I struggled with weight cycling, losing, and gaining the same 20-30 lbs over and over again. It took a lifestyle change to get control of it.


I am 54 years old, so if you are over 40, I can relate. I believe it is never too late to make a healthy change in your life. If I can do it with no thyroid at 50, then you can too!


I love helping women change their lives to be healthier overall. So if you need encouragement, accountability, or someone to help you make healthier choices, we should chat. I have a variety of short and long-term programs to fit your needs.