How to Fix Your Sick Home

Does your home reflect the space you want to live in? Is it comforting, open, inviting? Your environment affects the way you feel; it affects your well-being, and in turn, your health. Granted, not everyone can change their home to reflect their design aesthetic. So, what can you do to incorporate wellness into your surroundings?

1. Reduce or remove the toxins in your home. Switch to non-toxic cleaners (water, vinegar, and essential oils work great and are very affordable). There are also multiple recipes online for window cleaners, floor cleaners, sink scrubs, etc.

2. Buy organic when you can, and limit the number of toxins you eat, as well as bring into your home.

3. Get rid of clutter and old paperwork. Then, organize the items you have so you can find things quickly.

4. Donate clothing you no longer wear.

5. Buy an indoor plant, or two, or three. Plants reduce carbon dioxide, certain pollutants, and background noise in your home. They also increase humidity and improve overall air quality.

6. Let natural light in and open windows when the weather allows.

7. Designate a space to stretch, meditate or relax with a book.

What will you do to bring wellness into your home?

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